Technology for oyster mushroom agriculture to get the best yield.

Utilize IoT technologies


The idea was to research the nation's small-scale mushroom farmers and learn about their challenges, as well as the people and organizations involved in the growth of their businesses. This is a fantastic farming opportunity at the SME level that can get started with very little capital. Low temperatures and heavy humidity are ideal for mushroom growth. Due to the local climate, this is the complex scenario in Jaffna. This endeavor was created as a proof-of-concept for the cultivation of mushrooms in a controlled environment on the Jaffna Peninsula (client: Mushroom Farming Association Jaffna).

Business Case

The majority of mushroom farms grow their mushrooms indoors; for maximum growth, all regions of the farm must be perfectly managed for CO2, humidity, and temperature. The majority of heating, air conditioning, and humidity control systems have relatively sloppy automated control, making manual climate management exceedingly time-consuming.


A mushroom farm must make daily adjustments to the ideal humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels depending on the stage of growth to achieve maximum productivity. This calls for an automated solution (or a lot of human labor that is not cost-effective). keeps checking the air temperature, soil humidity, and CO2 levels.

1. Sensors connected to the cloud: Solution Deployment Size

2. Subscription-based solution type

3. Key Business Requirements: Accurate CO2 monitoring, temperature, and humidity monitoring

4. Automate the hydroponic system and alert the users


  • Productivity rose by 35%.

  • Reduction Cost of labor: 28%

  • Product Quality Has Improved.

  • Ways that effectively control sickness.

  • 20% increase in energy savings

  • Yield that is predictable and less volatile.