Maintaining the Optimum Growing Environment for Scotch Bonnet with SenzAgro’s Technologies

Scotch Bonnet


Among the world's hottest peppers is the Scotch Bonnet, a habanero cultivar. In contrast to other types, which might ripen to orange, yellow, peach, or even chocolate brown, it is often red or yellow when it reaches maturity. The pepper has a diameter of 1 to 2 inches and a length of 1 to 2 inches. It is regarded as a fairly productive crop since it produces large yields from a relatively small number of plants. However, much like other crops, its production and quality can be increased still more by carefully monitoring climatic factors and taking the required adaptive action. Our customer wanted to replace their manual procedures with a sensor-based system for more accurate readings of environmental data and labor-saving maintenance techniques in order to achieve such a case.


It is possible to switch from the traditional ones to a sensor-based system usingSenzAgro's precision agricultural technology . Through the SenzAgro application, the smart farming system can track and record climatic data including humidity, temperature, soil moisture, soil temperature, EC, and more. In order to give the client the freedom to manage their irrigation systems and other controls through the application, they would have remote access to real-time data on the aforementioned parameters. One of the needs the client requested was the ability to start automated replies with the help of sensory data. For instance, the system would automatically activate the required controls (such as the fans or sprinklers) and alert the user via the application or SMS if the greenhouse reached temperatures of approximately 35°C to 36°C.

Scotch Bonnet plant

Its multiple sensors can manage the crops more effectively than manual approaches by "ensuring sufficient amounts of each parameter are delivered to the crops" and can monitor all the parameters needed across the application, provide irrigation guidance, and monitor all the other required parameters. While SMS notifications would be utilized to inform, monitor, and manage farm operations and employees via the farm application, "Crop Specific Intelligence" might enable farmers to monitor and manage the crops with more confidence since the data supplied ensures the best output.

With the help of highly qualified agronomists and SenzAgro's smart farming technologies, guidance on how to prevent disease or pest assaults may also be provided. The user only needs to provide the agronomist with a picture of the disease or pest and a brief description, and both parties will then provide guidance on how to safely manage it.


The microclimate parameters of the plantation (such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and EC) were monitored in real-time after the installation of SenzAgro's smart farm system to make sure that the scotch bonnet pepper plant receive the ideal amounts of all parameters, where temperature is to be maintained between 33°C and 35°C. The foggers would automatically turn on and lower greenhouse temperatures to the necessary level without any human interaction because temperatures beyond 35 °C are considered critical.

Furthermore, the data from the sensors was used to comprehend how different climatic parameter applications boost crop quantity and quality while consuming fewer resources. The application allowed the client to obtain all the data in an automatically created report, saving time spent recording and effectively showing data for analysis.

The application provided real-time data regardless of the location by automating and monitoring the client's irrigation systems. The application stores and shows all irrigation-related data, including timestamps, histories, frequencies, and amounts, to users.

Senzagro device at Scotch Bonnet plant

In addition to the use of fungicides, images of fungal attacks and other pests and illnesses are provided via the farm application to their own agronomists, who then identify and thoroughly research the problem before providing recommendations on how to control it. SenzAgro's "Agricore Platform" makes it easy to keep track of all problems that arise throughout the crop cycle, enabling the client to take preventative action in the following crop cycle.

Scotch Bonnet plants


The client highly valued SenzAgro's system. Sensors provided real-time data that was used to monitor crop conditions (with help from the system's crop specific intelligence) and manage all physical parameters; pests and diseases were dealt with efficiently before they would cause severe damage; and overall operations of the plantation were monitored in real-time via the mobile application. Farm personnel were able to save time and concentrate on other important tasks thanks to the automated fogger system and monitoring of parameters. A prompt response to fungal infestations resulted in a marked reduction in overall crop loss, increasing yields and improving output quality.

Since the scotch bonnet pepper crops offered a superior growth environment, a larger yield of higher quality was produced. SenzAgro works to enhance the system by gathering data in order to finally offer our clients the most intelligent solutions.