SenzAgro’s Precision Agriculture Technologies in Japan Blueberry Farming

Japan Blueberry Farming


A well-liked and delicious fruit with the potential to control blood sugar levels, enhance heart and brain health, and contain few calories is blueberries. Frequently promoted as a superfood, blueberries are a fantastic source of several vitamins, healthy plant components, and antioxidants. In addition to producing and selling their produce, our client ran a blueberry-based tourism farm where visitors could partake in berry-plucking activities and take the harvested produce home with them. Such plantations need regular inspections to make sure the berries are kept under ideal conditions, free of pests and disease. This calls for a huge workforce, which raises prices.


Due to a labor shortage, the client needed a farm management system that would automate their irrigation system, enable real-time monitoring of the farm and maintenance of optimal conditions via physical parameters, and provide alarms in the event of unusual variations of any parameter.

All necessary requirements are simply met by SenzAgro's smart farming technology. SenzAgro's sensory devices gather data on physical factors (such as humidity, temperature, light intensity, soil temperature and humidity, and EC) and present a produced graph that is accessible at any time via the company's desktop or mobile applications. The data may also be used to forecast yield and can be analyzed with SenzAgro's crop-specific intelligence to provide suggestions for greater quality and quantity of yield, as well as to recognize situations leading to pest or disease infections and obliterate them before damage. The user would receive an alert through SMS and the app in the event of a reading abnormality.

Their irrigation systems can be fully automated, wherein certain conditions activate irrigation, such as if the soil moisture falls below 30%, or automated in a programmed fashion, wherein the fields are watered at specific times for a specific period of time. The client is able to discreetly maintain their farm with less labor even while it is busy with tourists thanks to the ability to monitor and manage all of these operations in real time from anywhere using a phone.

Japan Blueberry Farming in japan


Within the client's plantation, SenzAgro's sensory units were placed and calibrated. All physical parameters were tracked in real-time to make sure that the blueberry crops received the right amounts of heat, pH, water, EC, and other parameters, all physical parameters were tracked in real-time.

Additionally, the data from the sensors was employed in learning how various applications of physical parameters enhance yield quantity and quality efficiently. The client had access to all the data through the application-generated report and was notified anytime there was a change

Regardless of the user's location, the client's irrigation systems were automated and continuously checked using the given application. The application stores and shows all irrigation-related data, including timestamps, histories, frequencies, and amounts, to users.

Tourists were never bothered when they participated in events because operations were carried out discreetly.


SenzAgro's system really satisfied the client. With the help of the system's crop-specific intelligence, automated irrigation cycles allowed farm workers to save time and concentrate on other crucial tasks. Sensors also provided real-time data that was used to manage all physical parameters and monitor crop conditions, predict and forecast water requirements, and track the overall operation of all the polytunnels from anywhere using mobile devices. As a result, the amount of labor needed was greatly reduced.

As a result, the berries were given a better growing environment, which led to a larger crop of fruit of higher quality and more visitors to the farm because of its excellent reputation. SenzAgro works to improve the system through the data it receives and ultimately offers the most intelligent solutions to its clients in the future.

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