Techniques for smart farming and automated irrigation to improve coconut/palm cultivation.


Due to significant water waste, the traditional irrigation methods used in coconut/palm gardens, such as flood irrigation and basin irrigation, only achieve an irrigation efficiency of 30 to 50%. Additionally, the cost of implementing these systems is considerable and involves inputs like labor and energy. Adoption of these conventional irrigation systems is hindered by water scarcity, rising labor and energy costs, and energy shortages. The Coconut Research Institute (CRI) suggests either smart farming or regulated watering in these situations. The best irrigation solution for coconut and palm trees is irrigation automation. Farmers can maximize their farm's productivity by using Senzagro's automated irrigation and smart farming techniques.

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Business Case

Production and quality of coconut toddy are influenced by irrigation and fertilization, with a primary emphasis on water cycle and fertilizer rotation. The irrigation water volume in coconut/palm trees has a significant impact on the evaporative transpiration, yield, and water-use efficiency. Plants are more susceptible to insect assaults in high humidity environments.

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To avoid human error, an automatic warning system should be developed. This should maintain EC and soil moisture levels at optimal levels while monitoring and analyzing mission-critical Coconut tree-related data throughout the entire plantation. SenzMate determined the optimal yield window through analysis, scheduled and managed the rotation of soluble fertilizers, and more. SenzMate ultimately gave the client the best automated solution.


This increased the client's labor productivity, decreased energy use, and enhanced crop quality and output. The customer can use machine learning models and past data to automatically adapt their equipment.

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