SenzAgro-Case Study will help you increase your mango yield

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The quantity and frequency of water supplied to the trees during mango cultivation must be constantly monitored. The trees must go through several stages of water stress to ensure a high quality fruit harvest, such as going without irrigation for a month before the tree blooms its flowers, with the more flowers that open, the greater the fruit yield. The client had an advantage in terms of water stress because Anuradhapura has a dry climate with warm temperatures in general, but their land had a variety of soil types, which made it difficult to grow mangoes like Karthakolamban, Willard, and TJC. Additionally, the client struggled with decision-making during fertigation and frequently experienced different fungal infections on their goods.


coconuts and toddies

SenzAgro's smart farming solutions can help the customer, who needed an in-house agronomic to help make decisions about how to grow high-quality mangoes, control which land plots might be used for cultivation, and protect their plantation against pests and disease.

coconuts and toddies

Its soil moisture sensors and the farm manager application can be used to track soil parameters (like moisture levels), provide irrigation guidance, and manage the water stress that mango trees experience. This will ensure that the crops receive enough water without being overwatered or underwatered, resulting in more blossoms. Since the data provided ensures the best production, crop-specific recommendations could help farmers monitor and manage their crops more confidently. Additionally, SMS notifications can be used to inform, monitor, and manage farm operations and staff via the farm application.

Action Taken

coconuts and toddies

SenzAgro Digiplants were placed in each of the four plots of land, and their microclimate parameters—including temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and EC—were continuously checked to control water stress. The offered program was used to automate and monitor all irrigation cycles. The data from the sensors was utilized to understand water stress management and to increase produce quantity and quality through effective measures in addition to monitoring the state of soil moisture levels. In this case, the trees are watered throughout the first two to three months of fruiting, and then the yield quality is continuously monitored along with daily plant behavior and climate changes.

In addition to the use of fungicides, images of fungal attacks and other pests and illnesses are supplied via the farm application to SenzAgro's agronomists, who then identify, thoroughly analyze, and provide recommendations on how to handle the problem.


coconuts and toddies

The system from SenzAgro received good marks from the client. With the help of the system's crop-specific intelligence, automated irrigation cycles allowed farm workers to focus on other crucial tasks while saving time. Sensors also provided real-time data that was used to manage water stress, quickly and effectively deal with pests and diseases, and monitor the farm's overall operations from anywhere via a mobile application. As a result, the mango trees were given a better growing environment, which led to more fruit of higher quality being produced in bigger quantities. SenzAgro works to improve the system further using the data it receives so that in the future it can offer the most intelligent solutions to its customers.

Written by Sinthuja Thavayogarajah