SenzAgro Technology's Strawberry Cultivation Case Study might help you get started

Strawberry Farming


Strawberries are a very adaptable food to consume; in addition to being healthy, they are also sweet and delectable. Although strawberries require less fertilizer than other horticulture crops, a variety of factors including temperature, photoperiod, and light intensity must be closely watched throughout a strawberry's life cycle to ensure that one's crop is of the highest quality and has the highest yield. In the instance of our client, they had several polytunnels, making it difficult to manually irrigate and monitor each tunnel. In addition, it is difficult and ineffective for humans to monitor every aspect of several polytunnels since strawberries are so sensitive to changes in temperature, pH, EC, and moisture levels.

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The customer needed a system that would automate the irrigation systems in all of their polytunnels, allowing them to control it remotely in real-time and maintain information like time stamps for water irrigation cycles, how much water was used, and more. Additionally, they wanted to ensure a higher production and higher quality with the least amount of resource waste by carefully monitoring the aforementioned factors.

SenzAgro's Smart Farming System, which enables remote, real-time access to all data connected to the user's crops while offering the user freedom to control their irrigation systems via specified conditions or through the application, can cater to all described scenarios. Its many sensors for temperature, EC, humidity, and soil moisture can be used to track all the parameters needed for the application, provide irrigation guidance, and manage the crops more effectively, ensuring that the strawberries receive enough of each parameter. Since the data provided ensures the best production, crop-specific recommendations could help farmers monitor and manage their crops more confidently. Additionally, SMS notifications can be used to inform, monitor, and manage farm operations and staff via the farm application. With the help of SenzAgro's smart farming solutions, guidance on how to prevent disease or pest assaults can also be provided.

Action Taken

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To make sure that the strawberry crops got the ideal amounts of heat, pH, water, fertility, and other characteristics, SenzAgro's Digiplant's microclimate parameters (such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and EC) were monitored in real-time after it was installed within the polytunnels. Additionally, the sensor data was used to comprehend how diverse applications of the aforementioned characteristics could effectively increase yield quantity and quality. The client used the application to retrieve all the data in a report that was generated, saving time on recording and effectively showing data for analysis.

Regardless of the user's location, the client's irrigation systems were automated and continuously checked using the given application. The application stores and shows all irrigation-related data, including time stamps, histories, frequencies, and amounts, to users. In addition to utilizing fungicides in cases of fungal infestations along with other pests and illnesses, images are sent via the Farm application to the company's agronomists, who in turn identify, thoroughly analyze, and provide recommendations on how to treat the problem. The SenzAgro agricore platform makes it easy to keep track of all problems that arise during the crop cycle, enabling the client to take preventative action in the following crop cycle.


The SenzAgro system really satisfied the client. With the aid of the system's crop-specific intelligence, automated irrigation cycles allowed farm personnel to save time and concentrate on other crucial tasks. Sensors also provided real-time data that were used to monitor the crop's conditions and manage all physical parameters. The data collected was used to predict and forecast water requirements or the crop's yield and harvest.

blueberry fruits

As a result, the strawberries were given a better growth environment, which led to a larger crop of fruit of superior quality. SenzAgro works to improve the system further using the data it receives so that in the future it can offer the most intelligent solutions to its customers.