Does changing weather pose a threat to agriculture? NO LONGER!


Since man understood the concept of agriculture, he understood how tightly intertwined weather and agriculture are, with the interpretation and forecasting of the weather being directly correlated to the advancement of agriculture. The dominance effect of weather is still ruling the agriculture industry despite the extreme levels of agriculture technology reached in the modern world as it followed its path of digitization. This is because weather is a valuable variable in determining the health of the crops while making the most effective and efficient agronomic decisions regarding the sowing timelines, irrigation and treatment schedules, and more.

Business CASE

The weather is reported on by meteorologists and weather representatives in every large geographic area using information gathered from centralized weather station sources. If we closely examine the data, we may be able to determine that the temperature is changing by a few degrees because the temperature on the ground level will be the least affected by temperature changes but will have a significant impact on agriculture, which forces us to take action.


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SenzAgro has therefore elevated the depth of its innovation to a new level with its purported vision of revolutionized agriculture by drawing our attention to the significance of on-farm weather stations. Before the topic of weather's significance to agricultural development is discussed, SenzAgro's Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is on its way to demonstrating its predominance in precision agriculture.

One of Sri Lanka's well-known yet distinctive businesses has been producing the best kind of mangoes for the past 13 years on 650 acres of agricultural land devoted to mango plants. Even though the group was successful in the selected crop area, they had to overcome difficult obstacles along the way. Unpredictable weather changes are now one of their major threats to their ability to produce. These modifications have resulted in substantial fruit losses over the past few years despite a perfect harvest strategy, safeguards against extreme weather, and temperature changes.

Operation Done

SenzAgro Solutions provided the business with the real solution to resolve the issue once it became necessary to put an end to these pointless losses. Due to the proactive data gathering methodology that included the real-time data collection of Air temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Rainfall, Wind direction, and Wind speed that was much more accurate to the field space itself, this gave rise to the idea of implementing the Automated Weather station (AWS) system in the agriculture field. This proved its trustful reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness due to the proactive data gathering methodology that comprised the real-time data collection of these variables, making significant differences in calculating growth stages and conditions of the We upheld our clients' trust throughout the deployment process by providing them with all the assistance and service they need to get the most out of our (AWS)system. In order to stream the data to our IoT cloud platform and track changing weather conditions, this activity involved installing our advanced weather station inside agricultural buildings as well as installing high-tech sensors at higher elevations within agri spaces. GPRS communication was used to coordinate these activities. The installation of the main application software into the handled devices is the final step in data observation, bringing forth the next level of precision agriculture end to end and at your fingertips.

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The business received a wealth of benefits from the choice to install the SenzAgro Automated Weather Station (AWS) system, which changed the industry while inspiring the capability to grow and raise the quality of their goods and services. With the help of meteorological sensors, data loggers, solar panels, and central monitoring software integrated with data collection platforms, the system's 24-7 monitoring mechanism also played a significant role in assisting with the examination of the weather and field by causing the determination of the best planting plans, harvest times, extreme weather, and much more.