Farm Operations Management

You can digitize the whole cultivation process and you will also be able to remotely update, manage, and monitor your farm operations under a centralised platform to increase productivity by precisely gathering information using farm operations management system

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Farm Scouting

Scout your fields for potential threats to your crops such as pests, diseases, weeds, and/or nutrient deficiencies. Take GPS tagged notes and pictures of crops in the field, share observations, and make treatment decisions simply and intelligently.

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Farm Operation

Assign daily farm operations such fertilisation, spray pesticide, repairs, etc to the workers via SMS and notifications remotely. Then, review work done in the field with seamless synchronization from multiple employees via mobile app.


Take Photo

Take photos using you mobile with automatic geo tagging



Approval by the Assigner Supervisor after the task being accomplished by the assignee


Assign Task

Assign the task to the respective assignee with the deadline


Recive Alerts

Assignee receive Notifications and SMS alerts on the assigned task

We provide many benefits you can use

Enhance transparency of the farm and informed decision making

Ability to share GPS tagged photos of the observations


Tracking the work order records of all workers and their performance

Providing insights for crop planning of the farmer networks

Daily/Weekly/Monthly summary reports on farm operations

Our Regular Feature Enhancements

SenzAgro Precision Farming Platform enables to optimize fertilizing and irrigation to preserve water and fertilizer by integrating Digiplant into your farm and make a massive positive impact in the fight against the climate change.

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Assign daily farm operations to workers remotely

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Scout the farm for pests, diseases, nutritional deficiencies etc and share the observations

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Manage the farm operations remotely by reviewing the work done via mobile app

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Take GPS tagged notes and pictures in the field to share with the farm supervisors or managers

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View and print summary reports of farming operations daily/monthly.

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