Farmer Management System

FMS enables smallholder farmers to better understand the farming communities to make informed investments and assess performance and helps customers to learn more about the farming communities that supply their food.


Managing the Entire Agricultural Ecosystem


SenzAgro Farmer Management System (FMS)

FMS enables to better understand the farming communities, in order to invest appropriately and measure improvement. Collaborating with SenzAgro, Agri networks promote greater traceability and transparency with the farmer group partners and offer their customers the ability to connect more deeply with their farm base. This system allows easy access and information sorting for companies consumers to get to know more about the farming communities supplying their Food.


For The Company/ FPO

One-touch Farm Overview

Centralized System for Multi-Farm

Hierarchical management

Early Warning For Deviation

Decision Support Insights

Historical Data Analysis

Compliance Adherence

Telescopic Data Visualisation

Single Source of Truth - Easy integration with other data sources


For The Managers / Supervisors

Agent Tasks Monitoring

Early Problem Detection And Mitigation

Instruction & Good Farming Practices For Farm

Agents & Farmers

Planning & Monitoring Of Farms

Root Cause Analysis Performance

Management ROI & Decisions Incisive reports

High levels of workflow automation

Dynamic Configuration Of Data To Be Captured By The Agents


For The Field Officers

Easy Information Access

Simple To Use Interface

Capture Data Configured By Agronomist

Communicate Crop Instructions & Good

Farming Practices

Crop Health & Weather Insights for Farm


Disease & Pest Alerts


For The Farmers

Crop Advisory On Package of Practices

Crop-specific Activity Schedule

Climate Smart crop-specific advisory

App/ SMS Notifications for Crop and Weather


We provide many benefits you can use

Centralised platform for farmer network management

Visibility of field data to enhance productivity


Able to broadcast information to selected farmers or groups at once

Providing insights for crop planning of the farmer networks

Providing data insights for management for informed decision making.

Our Regular Feature Enhancements

SenzAgro Precision Farming Platform enables to optimize fertilizing and irrigation to preserve water and fertilizer by integrating Digiplant into your farm and make a massive positive impact in the fight against the climate change.


Managing the farmer and field officer database


Creating and managing farmer groups


Creating and tracking activities/ programs for farmers


SMS broadcasts on weather prediction, daily market price, agronomic advices to farmers


Filtering required details regarding farmers, field officers, groups, crops, etc.


Providing dashboard and summary reports on the insights of farmer network

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